Trellis is an enterprise-ready Linked Data server that makes it possible to build and publish linked data applications on the Web. Installing Trellis is simple and straight-forward. The latest version is 0.16.3, released on November 10, 2020.

Prerequisites: before installing Trellis, be sure to have a Java 11 (or newer) runtime installed.

Docker containers

Trellis is available as a container from Docker Hub and can be retrieved (for the triplestore version) with:

$ docker pull trellisldp/trellis-triplestore

or, for the PostgreSQL database version:

$ docker pull trellisldp/trellis-postgresql

In addition, there is a container that includes support for a triplestore backend as well as various relational database systems (H2, PostgreSQL, MariaDB/MySQL). This container tends not to be as performant:

$ docker pull trellisldp/trellis

Additional Trellis-based docker containers can be found at Docker Hub. Information about configuring a dockerized Trellis server can be found on the project wiki.

Manual Installation

Trellis can be run on any system with Java 8 or higher, and it is regularly tested on Windows, Mac OS and generic Linux machines. To install Trellis manually, download the software as a Zip or Tar archive and follow the manual installation instructions.

Downloads (Size: 47.8 MB)
SHA-256: 371e3b38f80189c84f70b9fd6482c8908d067b13

Next Steps

After installing Trellis, please refer to the configuration guide for customizing the server.